Build a values based company that produces and supports top-line athletes in the combat sports industry while operating with integrity and maintaining a positive presence within the community.


Protect athletes' best interests and intently prepare for life during and after his/her active career. Secondly, engage with the local community and build partnerships, emphasizing veterans-based organizations and awareness of challenges impacting the veterans community at large.

Who We Are


Veteran Owned

Veteran-owned company that manages combat sports athletes, primarily focusing in the areas of amateur and professional boxing.


Our States

We are registered with the Nevada, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey State Athletic Commissions, but we will seek required licensure wherever needed to maximize opportunities for athletes.

What We Provide

What We See As Our Future


Grow to become a premier management organization.


Become the go-to and results-based organization known for operating ethically and with integrity.


Branch into promoting events.


Seek to extend our reach into the mixed martial arts community.

Kevin Clyde

Business Manager

Kevin is a retired United States Air Force lieutenant colonel who honorably served on active duty for 21 years. He was an aircraft commander, instructor, and evaluator pilot in multiple aircraft, most notably the C-17. He deployed overseas seven times and flew over 100 combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan at the height of overseas conflicts. Moreover, Kevin realized success at the leadership level, having led and mentored Airmen from all backgrounds as a squadron commander and director of operations within the combat zone.


Bill Kane

Athlete Manager & Recruitment

Bill hails from the Philadelphia area and is a boxing mainstay in the tri-state region. He promoted over 30 amateur boxing events along with assisting numerous others. Additionally, he is an amateur and professional matchmaker and cornered close to 260 amateur and professional bouts.